VoidTeam Community and VoidTeam 4.0 delays.

by Colbydude | Jan 12th 9:45 PM

Hey all! It's finally here.

VoidTeam Community

This officially launches our promised forum, just in time for voidteam.net's 5th Birthday! (Yes, that's today!)

If you already have an account on our old system, in order to log in, you must reset your password to work with the new system. You can do so by going here or by clicking "Forgot Password" on the login form. Otherwise the registration process is fairly simple.

For those looking to register for our Minecraft Server (VoidCraft), you can still access that here. It works, but is still slightly under construction visually.

That being said VoidTeam 4.0 overall has been delayed slightly. We will roll out updates slowly and try to get everything smoothed out as soon as possible. If you notice any bugs, graphical errors, glitches, or have any suggestions on things to add/fix. Please put them in the Feedback board.

That's all for now, see you next time!

VoidTeam TeamSpeak Server!

by Colbydude | Dec 31st 8:00 PM

Hey all, Colby here.

I'm happy to announce VoidTeam's new TeamSpeak 3 server.


Here is our current list of channels.
Lobby - Default Channel
Open Channel 1 - Open channel for public use.
Open Channel 2 - Open channel for public use.
Final Fantasy XIV - Private channel for VoidTeam's FFXIV FC, password must be obtained in-game.
Minecraft - Private channel for VoidTeam's SMP Minecraft Server, password must be obtained in-game.
World of Warcraft - Private channel for VoidTeam's WoW Guild, password must be obtained in-game.

We will add more game-specific channels as we see fit, and will also upgrade the amount of clients we can have connected in the near future (current the free value of 32).

Enjoy! Keep an eye out for more VoidTeam 4.0 features soon. ;]

Merry Christmas!

by Colbydude | Dec 25th 5:51 AM


Merry Christmas everyone!
Hope you all have a great day!

For christmas, the server gets a new router. In the process of changing to the new router, Jack's IP changed and so now we have to wait for mine.voidteam.net to update to the new IP. Until then, you can connect directly via

Love, VoidTeam
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