Minecraft 1.8 update news

by Skyrim_master45 | Sep 2nd 4:10 PM

As every one already knows 1.8 came out today, unfortunately like every other update you have to wait for the bukkit which will take some time. And that means you cant play on any servers that use bukkit. But good news! if you want to continue to play on the server but don't feel like switching from 1.7 to 1.8 you don't have to! We have updated our spigot so if you have a 1.8 client you can play on the server. You wont (unfortunately) be able to use any new blocks or see any new mobs. But i mean you can see colored beacons so that makes up for it right?

VoidTeam, you've been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

by Colbydude | Aug 24th 5:32 PM

Alright ZFGC, I nominate YOU for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. For every video response I get on this thread within the 24 hour period I'll donate an extra $2 to the foundation. If you've already done it, do it again! You have 24 hours.

Forum thread here

FlyBug now available for iOS!

by Colbydude | Jun 14th 1:01 PM


Fly to the top of the forest in search of food! Beware of thorns!

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